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Much of the cold comes from the ground, so an excellent way to keep the feet warm during winter is to have a wool mix insole in the shoes. This is made of 70% wool, 30% polyester, to both be warm and durable. Replace old worn down insoles, or add them to a shoe for extra isolation and comfort when the colder days arrive. When a warmer sock is used in the shoes, the insole might need to be removed so that the shoes don´t feel narrow.

By weaving the wool together with polyester it becomes more durable and lasts longer. The wool itself is very fragile and from experience we know that a pure wool sole would wear out much faster than the actual shoe. We therefore mix the wool with polyester to increase the life of the sole and at the same time be gentle to the environment.

The measures of the sole can be found in the sizeguide. Compare the length of the sole to the inner measurement of the shoe and choose the most suitable size. The sole can be cut and shaped to the desired length and width. It is therefore easily adapted to all types of shoes.


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