Solid hand cream with bergamot 30 g

Solid hand cream with bergamot 30 g

Solid hand cream with bergamot 30 g

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The perfect vegan & solid hand care in a can.
Because the hands are extremely stressed when climbing, climbing hands know best what belongs in such a hand cream. Whether you are also climbing or your hands are stressed from washing your hands a lot or simply from the cold, our thumb feast fixes it directly. Our solid hand cream puts a protective film around your hands and thus helps the skin to regenerate, without being greasy. Our vegan thumb feast is handmade by us in Hamburg from candellila wax, high-quality oils with a fresh scent of bergamot.

With its organic ingredients, this solid hand cream is a real treat for smooth hands. We attach great importance to the preservation of our biodiversity and so every product sold is donated to flowering meadows in different parts of Germany. Putting cream on your hands and doing something good goes hand in hand.

The vegan thumb treat is dermatologically tested & certified by Nature natural cosmetics.

Scent: bergamot
Content: 30g

with shea butter and candelilla wax
Certified natural cosmetics
Subtle scent of bergamot
Beneficial & antibacterial
Fast absorbing

Ingredients (understandable):
Candelilla Wax | Shea Butter*¹ | Olive oil*¹ ² | Sunflower oil*¹ ² | Hemp oil*¹ ² | Bergamot*²

Ingredients (bureaucratic):
Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax | Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil¹* | Olea Europea Fruit Oil*¹² | Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*¹² | Cannbis sat Seed Oil*¹ ² | Citrus aurantium Bergamia Peel Oil*² | Limonene** | Linalool** | citral**

* from controlled organic cultivation (total 70% of the product)
**Component of natural essential oils

¹ from direct trade (total 69.9% of the product)

² gently cold-pressed oil

Our solid hand cream lasts a long time!
What lasts forever? But without kidding, our hand cream lasts longer than conventional creams and dosing is child's play. Of course, it always depends on your skin and its (natural) conditions and your everyday consumption habits.

Compared to normal creams, we don't use any water in our formula, which means that you don't have to frequently re-cream, which you may be familiar with from other products. Another advantage is that we do not need emulsifiers. These are often of chemical origin and have a major impact on shelf life.

According to the laboratory, our cream has a shelf life of at least 30 months after production.

Sustainability & Certificates
Our natural cosmetics are nature organic cosmetics or natural cosmetics certified and dermatologically tested. In addition, all products are climate-neutral and only contain ingredients that you know. Vegan products are marked with the PETA vegan approved label.




Our natural cosmetic products are tested by an internal laboratory and have a shelf life of 30 months after production. Since we produce ourselves, your products are usually "fresh" and you can count on a best-before date of at least 24 months.

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